Electronic invoicing

Sending and Receiving of Electronic Invoices

Our electronic invoicing platform to issue invoices to clients and receipt of invoices from suppliers.

Integrated platform with FACe 

Integrated with invoicing entry points for public administrations (FACE, PGE) and self-invoicing portals of private entities. In adittion to enable the Inmediate Supply Of Information (SII) of AEAT.

Integration with ERP  

Centralized and Integrated platform with its own ERP system and several formats: Facturae, EDI, PDF.

Movility Approval  

Customized approval flows on mobile devices with different notifications.

Auto-invoicing website

Website for suppliers with different invoicing  channels according to the technological maturity degree.

Certefied Digitalization 

Of supplier invoices in paper with

legal validity, engine approved by the AEAT.

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