Documentary management

Smart Documentary Management

Oriented to the efficiency of document processes, developing a specific plan for each of the project phases, from the design to the final implementation.

what does a 


To implement solutions and services once  real needs are detected.

Analyze and design frameworks that optimize document processes.

  • Dispose of the correct information.

  • Speed in decision making.

  • Optimization of processes.

  • Capacity reply.

  • Agility and competitiveness.

  • Saving operating costs.

  • Fast return of investment.

  • Paperless office.

Massive Corporate Digitization

Own production team: specialized in document management of big document volumes.

Big Volumes  

Nowadays we process more than 10 million annual documents with an 8-hour SLA from reception.

Logistic Service 

We have our own transport service to manage the collection and delivery of documentation.

Multiple Typologies  

We process documentation of different types and departments (Human Resources, mortgages, checks, contracts, remittances, cash documents, deeds, work reports, etc.).

Custody Center  

Certified physical custody center with all measures of confidentiality and protection of physical documentation guaranteed.

Historical Fund Service

Extensive background in document management of historical funds of great heritage value.

Business Classification

We are a registered provider of the Public Administration for document management services, libraries and archives, and software development.

Customized Projects 

From the cataloging process to the publication of diffusion digital objects.

Technical Solvency  

Endorsed by the projects carried out for the most important institutions at the national level (National Library, Congress of Deputies, National Heritage, Archive of the Civil War, Royal Academy of History).

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